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I am a Christian web developer who works in my home town - Albuquerque, NM. I live in Edgewood with my beautiful wife, twin kids, and two Akitas. This is my personal blog. If you're looking for my professional blog, where I discuss web programming and designing, please visit

Parenting is a funny thing 06.07.2011

Parenting really is a funny thing. I’m fairly new at it, only being a “dad” now for a little over six months. I started off with a bit of an advantage – or disadvantage – depending on how you look at it because I started with a twin nine-year-old boy and

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All setup on WordPress 06.01.2011

Well, after about a day of design and a bit of WordPress template magic, I’m all setup with two blogs.  I have this one, my personal blog, and CodeSafari, my professional blog.  This one is dedicated to personal thoughts and things of that nature, whereas CodeSafari is dedicated to code examples, coding tips and tricks, code optimization, and everything else related to the Web as we know it.  

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About Charles Garrison

Charles Garrison lives near Albuquerque, NM with his wife and two children. He loves God, life, his kids, and his wife. Yes Lauren, his puppy dogs too!

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